"For a radiant smile in all situations of life"

The SNOW PEARL line was developed by Dr Lorenza Dahm. As one of the leading dentists in Switzerland, she brings her many years of professional knowledge and experience to the quality and design of SNOW PEARL products. Dr Lorenza Dahm has been committed to maintaining her patients' oral health for over 20 years in her private dental clinic in the centre of Zurich. With the motto "Keep it simple, but make it as complete and effective as possible", SNOW PEARL products promote both the health and beauty of teeth and gums with highly effective and high quality products. Dr. Lorenza Dahm is behind each and every product in the line, which are in line with the latest technological and medical findings - with the aim of maintaining perfect oral health and promoting the natural beauty of the teeth.




Our philosophy:

As a practising dentist, I have been confronted time and again with the needs and wishes of my patients. They want to keep their teeth healthy between visits. I often found it difficult to recommend dental care products from different sources. The market offers so many different and overwhelming products that it is not only difficult for my patients to find their way around.

This inspired me to create my own product line under the motto: "Keep it simple, yet make it as complete, effective and efficient as possible".

SNOW PEARL started as a basic idea just for my clinic and my patients. However, we had to expand in order to be able to guarantee the quality we were striving for. Step by step, I built and refined the product line to provide a simple but highly effective choice for everyone.

As a medical professional, I stand behind each and every product. SNOW PEARL offers everyone the opportunity to maintain their own oral hygiene at home or on the go. This is done with the latest technical and medical innovations, which effectively help to maintain healthy teeth without damaging the gums. As a result, SNOW PEARL includes very special products for healthy and beautiful teeth, created for people who place great value on quality.

The aim of SNOW PEARL is to give everyone the opportunity to have access to high-quality and effective products that have been developed by a dentist. The products are meant to motivate you to take good care of the pearl treasures in your mouth. Because when we meet people, it's not just the make-up that stands out, but also a radiant smile. Our teeth are part of our natural beauty.




„A radiant smile works wonders“

As a practising dentist in Zurich, I directly experience how women in particular suffer when the condition of their teeth does not meet their requirements. It is rarely due to a lack of care, but it is often due to incorrect care and the use of unsuitable products. Especially in the field of tooth whitening and bleaching, some products promise quick results and permanently damage the tooth with aggressive active ingredients. Regardless of different biological predispositions, the key to oral hygiene lies in proper care.

In the spirit of Erich Kästner "There is nothing good unless: you do it", I have therefore decided to put together my own product series for optimised dental care and dental aesthetics.

I have developed the SNOW PEARL Travel Kit for people on the move. Optimised dental care is the key to healthy teeth. SNOW PEARL enables people on the move to take perfect care of their teeth even when they are away from home. The products are practical, hygienic and easy to take along: In the handbag, at work or when travelling.

Dental care is an exciting topic. It reaches into many personal and social areas and opens up many new perspectives.

Under "„Blog“" you will find much more information about this exciting topic!

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