SNOW SHINE is used like an ordinary toothpaste. You can use SNOW SHINE 3 times a day. However, a combination with the gel toothpaste PEARL SHIELD is recommended: in this case, you should use the whitening foam in the morning and at noon, and the toothpaste in the evening. You can apply SNOW SHINE directly in the mouth, ideally without water additive. After the tooth cleaning, let the foam in the mouth pass through like a rinsing solution for about 1 minute, then eject and do not rinse for a better optical effect.  


From what age can I use SNOW SHINE?
--> From the age of 7.

Can I use SNOW SHINE daily?
--> You can use SNOW SHINE like an ordinary toothpaste, i.e. 3 times a day, but we recommend using the product in the morning and noon, using the Pearl Shield gel toothpaste instead in the evening.

Is SNOW SHINE dangerous for tooth sensitivity?
--> On the contrary, the sensitivity of the tooth neck is even reduced thanks to the nano particles of hydroxyapatite.

Is hydrogen peroxide dangerous for my teeth?
--> The very low 0.1% hydrogen concentration is absolutely unconcerned for both the teeth and the gums.

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