With hydroactive function for perfect and gentle cleaning of the teeth without risk of injury. Clinically tested.

A study by the University of Basel has shown that this sonic toothbrush can successfully remove up to 76% of the biofilm of bacteria even in hard-to-reach areas, thus achieving the best cleaning performance.

The power spectrum of the SNOW PEARL Ultra Soft sonic toothbrush:

- 42,000 vibrations per minute.

- Thanks to the hydroactive function, it pulsates streams of liquid that reach the narrowest interdental spaces and below the gum line, thus significantly increasing cleaning performance.

- Up to 76% of bacterial biofilm is removed, even in hard-to-reach areas (interdental spaces and below the gumline).

- Super Soft KONEX HD bristles: They are 8 times thinner at the tip than the soft toothbrushes usually used. They are characterised by exceptional strength and stability, are flexible and durable and clean effectively.

- No risk of injury to the gums.

- Particularly gentle on sensitive teeth.

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